Journal of Advanced Sciences and Engineering Technologies (2020) 3(1): 54-56

Semiconductors between past and present

RASHA SHAKIR MAHMOODa ,Muna Ali Shakira,Younis Turki Mahmoodb ,Dhia Hadi Hussain a

aMustansiriyah University, College of Science, Baghdad, Iraq,b University of Mosul, College of Education for pure Science ,Mosul , Iraq .       



There is no doubt that the semiconductor contributed very significantly to changing our world in the long run, which made it very necessary to write this article and shed light on the semiconductor between past and present.Whereas, this article is not intended to teach you semiconductor chemistry and its applications, but it also aims to refresh your memory with everything related to semiconductors from the moment of sunrise to the present day.As known, people need to communicate with each other in order to meet their daily and professional needs. In the past, the communication process was very difficult and sometimes costly until the emergence of what is known as semiconductors, which in turn opened new purview in the world of communications through its entry into the communication devices industry and computers industry and its ability to processing The data, in turn, facilitated and summarized a very long journey on humans in the field of industry. Today, we are on the beginning of a new sun rise of semiconductor, especially after the emergence of the so-called nanotechnology, where semiconductors have been observed a very large role in the development of this technology, not only but have become Part of the integral ones.


Semiconductor ,nanotechnology, Electronic Devices

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